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          Essential oils are aromatic liquids extracted from trees, roots, seeds, shrubs, and other plants that have an impressive array of therapeutic compounds. These compounds relieve pain, clear out nasal and respiratory passages, calm the mind and senses, and boost energy levels, among other benefits. It is because these oils contain multiple trillions of tiny molecules that readily enter the body and nourish cells.

          According to an article published in the International Wellness Directory “There are about 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil. They are absorbed easily into the body via the skin and spread everywhere. Research and clinical trials have shown that essential oils can help improve mood, eliminate stress, relieve pain, increase energy, and boost immunity.

          Many essential oils sold in the health food stores are inexpensive because they have been cut or adulterated with cheaper oils or additives. Many people have had reactions to those additives and I have not seen them work nearly as well as the certified, pure, therapeutic grade oils. So even though the pure ones are more expensive, you use very little and with rapid results!