The Laundry Room

          For those who enjoy the pleasant task of keeping their homes, laundering is truly one of the simplest and most gratifying of domestic pleasures! From the freshly washed linens hanging on the clothesline to delicate baby dresses and favored old garments with the lovely scent of springtime freshness still lingering upon them, laundering offers a tactile reward few tasks can bestow!

Farmhouse Washing Powder

     Made with all natural ingredients,  our Farmhouse Washing Powder is an excellent alternative to store bought detergents and works remarkably well for a fraction of the cost!  With a pleasing, spring  time fresh scent,  Farmhouse Washing Powder is an effective,  earth-friendly and biodegradable choice for those who love their families and seek to use the healthiest cleaning products available!  And best of all, it only contains four readily available ingredients and is ready in a snap!  For those who enjoy using essential oils,  your favorite oil or combination of oils may be added for the lovely fragrance they offer and the many health benefits they bestow!  Additionally, our formula is  safe for high efficiency and front loader washing machines and is low sudsing! 

     To Brighten Whites or for Extra Dirty Loads:  Simply add a scoop of OxiClean Free, which is  a mixture of sodium percarbonate (powdered hydrogen peroxide) and washing soda. Or, you may add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide.


baby with tub

Natural Ingredients In Farmhouse Washing Powder

Castile Soap—An all natural organic soap which lathers well, rinses well and is bio-degradable.

Borax—A natural, water-soluble mineral possessing antiseptic, antibacterial, whitening and water –softening properties. Borax is an excellent presoak for laundry and is an excellent household cleaner as well.

Baking Soda—An effective deodorizer, cleaning agent, and fabric softener. Baking Soda may be mixed with water to form a paste that is useful in absorbing stains and removing odors. It is also an excellent presoak for clothing particularly new clothes to remove and eliminate unwanted odors, excess dye and other residues.

Washing Soda—Another mineral with strong cleansing and degreasing properties. Washing Soda is an effective laundry detergent booster when added to the wash cycle.

Lemon Essential Oil:  According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, lemon oil may actually be the most powerful anti-microbial agent of all the essential oils.  Simply add two drops to the wash cycle for a pleasant scent and to avoid  undesirable smells which sometimes occur if the laundry is left a bit too long in the washer.


Farmhouse Washing Powder

2 bars Castile Soap, grated

4 cups Borax

4 cups Washing Soda

2 Cups Baking Soda

30 drops Lemon Essential Oil or Lavender Essential OIl

Cut soap into small cubes.  Add to the bowl of a food processor.  Add remaining ingredients and process until finely ground.  

To Use:  Add two scoops to washer and wash as normal!

Soup Stocks

           In the kitchen, a bubbling pot of savory soup stock quietly simmers on the back of the old wood cook stove, rich with a delicious essence and overflowing with a fountain of nourishment and health.  Composed of simple ingredients, this shimmering pot of goodness, valued by fine chefs and amateur cooks alike, offers a depth of flavor to soups, stews and sauces, and serves as a testament to the love and devotion of a thrifty mother and homemaker.

          To make a delicious and nourishing soup stock, a farm fresh chicken is placed in a pot of water, along with some savory herbs and vegetables and set over a low fire, to simmer and bubble along.  Onions, celery and garlic are added to enhance the flavor and to add a depth of richness and complexity to the finished stock, making it especially delicious and savory.  After several hours, when every ounce of goodness has been distilled from the wholesome ingredients, the stock is carefully strained and poured into mason jars and allowed to cool.  These little pots of gold, affectionately referred to by the French as “fond” (meaning foundation) are one of the best kept secrets of every good cook and those who pride themselves in cooking the good old fashioned way. 

Health Benefits of Chicken Stock

Soup stocks are extremely nourishing and assist the body in “healing and sealing” the lining of the gut for those who suffer with gut dysbiosis or leaky gut syndrome..

Stocks inhibit infections caused by cold and flu viruses and significantly mitigates infections.

Gelatin in homemade bone broths and soup stocks serves to protect and heal the mucosal lining of the digestive tract and aids in the digestion of nutrients.

Soup stocks are very high in the amino acids praline and glycine, which are vital for healthy connective tissue such as ligaments and joints. It repairs damaged joints, by reducing pain and inflammation, as bone broths stimulate the growth of new collagen. It also contains chondroitan sulfates which also serve to heal joints.

Glycine is required for digestive health and proper functioning of the nervous system. It is also vital for wound healing, detoxification as well as blood sugar balance.

Glycine also helps repair muscles and regulates Human Growth Hormone. It also has a calming effect on the brain and promotes mental alertness, improves memory, boosts mood and reduces stress.

Praline is an amino acid that reverses atherosclerotic deposits and enables blood vessel walls to release unhealthy cholesterol buildup into the blood stream, which decreases the size of potential blockages in the heart and surround blood vessels.

Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails, as well as healthy bones because of the gelatin contained in broth.

Contains amino acids such as glycine, praline and arginine, which have anti-inflammatory effects upon the body, which is vital for those suffering with auto-immune disorders and  neurological dysfunction.

Contains minerals that can be readily absorbed such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silica, sulfur and other trace minerals.

Contains the amino acid cysteine, which thins mucus in the lungs to be easily expelled.

When a small amount of vinegar such as Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, which is raw, unfiltered and unpasteurized, is added to the stock, all of the valuable minerals from the bones are leeched into the stock in a very readily absorbable form.

Homemade chicken stock




Heal your Emotions with Essential Oils


Essential oils are aromatic liquids extracted from trees, roots, seeds, shrubs, and other plants that have an impressive array of therapeutic compounds. These compounds relieve pain, clear out nasal and respiratory passages, calm the mind and senses, and boost energy levels, among other benefits. It is because these oils contain multiple trillions of tiny molecules that readily enter the body and nourish cells.

According to an article published in the International Wellness Directory “There are about 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil. They are absorbed easily into the body via the skin and spread everywhere. Research and clinical trials have shown that essential oils can help improve mood, eliminate stress, relieve pain, increase energy, and boost immunity.

Many essential oils sold in the health food stores are inexpensive because they have been cut or adulterated with cheaper oils or additives. Many people have had reactions to those additives and I have not seen them work nearly as well as the certified, pure, therapeutic grade oils. So even though the pure ones are more expensive, you use very little and with rapid results!

Here are some of my favorite oils to use for emotional healing

Vetiver has a rich, exotic, complex aroma that is used extensively in perfumes. It has a calming, grounding effect on the emotions, and it promotes circulation. Vetiver is an ideal oil to use in massage therapy. Vetiver helps promote focus and mental clarity. It can also be rubbed on feet before bedtime to promote a restful night’s sleep.

Frankincense addresses abandonment, especially when someone feels forgotten or rejected. It also addresses spiritual disconnection, distant from father and negative influences.

Lavendar is widely known for its calming effect with stress and anxiety. It supports speaking our truth through open, honest communication and provides courage and strength.

Thyme is one of the most powerful healers of trapped emotions. It empties the soul of all negativity so the heart can open to receive love and forgiveness. It transforms anger, hate, rage, bitterness, and resentment.

Helichrysum helps people who have had trauma, addiction, loss or abuse. This oil restores confidence in life and in the self. It addresses intense pain, anguish, turmoil, hopeless, despair, and trauma.

Extraordinary Wellness Shaman and Mentor Lauren A. Ebbecke works with women stuck in drama, trauma and karma. She mentors them to look within to create happiness, peace, and confidence by tapping in to their best way to navigate whatever life brings their way. Through her Extraordinary Wellness coaching programs, products, and services, clients step into the best expression of who they want to be to love life and work on their own authentic , happy, healthy terms. Visit