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          For those who enjoy the pleasant task of keeping their homes, laundering is truly one of the simplest and most gratifying of domestic pleasures! From the freshly washed linens hanging on the clothesline to delicate baby dresses and favored old garments with the lovely scent of springtime freshness still lingering upon them, laundering offers a tactile reward few tasks can bestow!

Farmhouse Washing Powder

     Made with all natural ingredients,  our Farmhouse Washing Powder is an excellent alternative to store bought detergents and works remarkably well for a fraction of the cost!  With a pleasing, spring  time fresh scent,  Farmhouse Washing Powder is an effective,  earth-friendly and biodegradable choice for those who love their families and seek to use the healthiest cleaning products available!  And best of all, it only contains four readily available ingredients and is ready in a snap!  For those who enjoy using essential oils,  your favorite oil or combination of oils may be added for the lovely fragrance they offer and the many health benefits they bestow!  Additionally, our formula is  safe for high efficiency and front loader washing machines and is low sudsing! 

     To Brighten Whites or for Extra Dirty Loads:  Simply add a scoop of OxiClean Free, which is  a mixture of sodium percarbonate (powdered hydrogen peroxide) and washing soda. Or, you may add 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide.


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Natural Ingredients In Farmhouse Washing Powder

Castile Soap—An all natural organic soap which lathers well, rinses well and is bio-degradable.

Borax—A natural, water-soluble mineral possessing antiseptic, antibacterial, whitening and water –softening properties. Borax is an excellent presoak for laundry and is an excellent household cleaner as well.

Baking Soda—An effective deodorizer, cleaning agent, and fabric softener. Baking Soda may be mixed with water to form a paste that is useful in absorbing stains and removing odors. It is also an excellent presoak for clothing particularly new clothes to remove and eliminate unwanted odors, excess dye and other residues.

Washing Soda—Another mineral with strong cleansing and degreasing properties. Washing Soda is an effective laundry detergent booster when added to the wash cycle.

Lemon Essential Oil:  According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, lemon oil may actually be the most powerful anti-microbial agent of all the essential oils.  Simply add two drops to the wash cycle for a pleasant scent and to avoid  undesirable smells which sometimes occur if the laundry is left a bit too long in the washer.


Farmhouse Washing Powder

2 bars Castile Soap, grated

4 cups Borax

4 cups Washing Soda

2 Cups Baking Soda

30 drops Lemon Essential Oil or Lavender Essential OIl

Cut soap into small cubes.  Add to the bowl of a food processor.  Add remaining ingredients and process until finely ground.  

To Use:  Add two scoops to washer and wash as normal!

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